TruPoint Green doctor blade

Plymouth, MA based Flexo Concepts® has confirmed that Celmacch is shipping all its carbon fiber chambers with the TruPoint Green doctor blade. “All Celmacch’s chambers are manufactured from a carbon fiber material which offers excellent anti-static properties, lightness, high strength to weight ratio, superior corrosion resistance and no structural vibrations,” says Kevin McLaughlin, CEO of Flexo Concepts. “Celmacch’s chambers are equipped with an innovative magnetic system for safe, quick and easy blade changes that don’t require tools.”
He continues, “The Italian OEM uses only premium components and chose TruPoint Green to maximize benefits for its customers.  By using Green, corrugated printers can economically produce high-quality print in a range of line screens without having to turn to steel.  The custom-compounded material demonstrates better stiffness and only half the mechanical creep of UHMW in addition to better wear rates and safety than steel.”

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