Trinity Packaging Supply launches e-commerce platform

In the wholesale packaging industry data and access pose a significant challenge, until now. Trinity Packaging Supply unveiled its e-commerce platform, SupplyStream, aimed at tackling pervasive data discrepancies that have plagued the sector. The company claims the technology revolutionizes the wholesale packaging industry by enabling suppliers to connect with buyers in a long overdue e-commerce shopping experience.

In the new platform, Trinity Packaging Supply, powered by SupplyStream consolidates hundreds of supplier catalogs into a single storefront with unified and standardized product data. Trinity developed the software to streamline the wholesale packaging experience.

“Our mission is to disrupt the $200bn packaging industry by breaking down its high barriers to entry by empowering small and medium-sized suppliers with business opportunities previously beyond their reach in online sales. Through our proprietary algorithm, Trinity is also providing customers with pricing and shipping data that enables them to make decisions in an instant instead of days or months with traditional wholesale quotes,” said Anthony Magaraci, CEO, Trinity.

SupplyStream’s algorithm identifies the best prices for each product and leverages suppliers’ drop-ship policies to eliminate the need for Trinity to maintain inventory and in-house distribution. Magaraci added, “This drop-ship model of business is more cost-effective and reduces the need for a brick-and-mortar operation.”

The e-commerce website launched in May and within days was driving significant change in business operations for Trinity. Magaraci continued, “Operationally, this is a game changer. We’ve seen incredible demand since the launch of Trinity’s new e-commerce platform. Data is showing that we’re able to generate more new accounts in a single day of web sales than one salesperson previously could in an entire month.”

Trinity built SupplyStream to transcend industries and empower other small-midsize businesses on a national scale. SupplyStream features span front and back-end functionality to support this:

  • SupplyFront: A plug-and-play front-end storefront application that creates one-click e-commerce sites;
  • SideStream: A proprietary centralized management system that helps suppliers grow sales;
  • SupplierPortal: A one-stop platform connecting the marketplace and suppliers, the first of its kind in the wholesale industry;
  • SupplyStream: Provides valuable insights on pricing, missed orders, and industry reports.

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