trimknife|multi is new

Marbach Die Supplies has recently added trimknife|multi cut-off knives for special requirements to its portfolio. trimknife|multi is the solution when waste cut-off knives need to be added to a cutting-die.

André Angermeir, Sales Manager, Marbach Die Supplies, explains, “In practice, it happens again and again that additional waste cut-off knives have to be installed. This is where our new trimknife|multi knife set offers a simple and easy solution. The trimknife|multi cut-off knives are quickly and securely screwed onto the cutting-die. Detachment – as happens with existing stick-on solutions – is prevented with our cut-off knives. In this way, trimknife|multi ensures that the cut-off knives remain where they belong: On the tool – and not as foreign bodies in the die-cut format. What makes it special is that detachment and transport of the waste cut-off knife with the manufactured format is safely prevented with the screw connection.”

The trimknife|multi complete set includes not only the cut-off knives, but also other accessories such as shim foils, fixing screws, rubber material and fixing tools.

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