Tricor installs third Bahmüller Turbox line

Bahmüller recently confirmed that Tricor has invested in a third Bahmüller Turbox speciality gluer. In early 2021, the latest model of Turbox Technology was installed and put into operation in the Tricor plant in Bad Wörishofen.

“Our Turbox lines convince through efficiency, high performance as well as maximum availability,” said Klaus Wiblishauser, COO of Tricor.

The success began started in 2009, with the first specialty folder gluer purchased for the Eppishausen plant. Focusing on heavy board with high grammage, the machine exceeded their expectations. With the extension and startup of the Bad Wörishofen site, the second Turbox (1700 mm) was put into operation in order to cope with the growing demands — and with the growing market for multi-point glued boxes, Tricor decided to invest in another Turbox (2300mm) late 2020. The new line has the potential to be extended to a fully automated line with Powerpacker to boost the output further.

The Turbox is equipped with fully integrated quality inspection devices, monitoring systems such as DFS (Diagonal Fold Supervision) and glue application detection. The Diagonal Fold Supervision (DFS) is attached to the main folding bridges; therefore, set up is reduced to a minimum. Integrated design and state-of-the-art sensors granting best performance at lowest space.


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