TRESU Flexo Innovator Dual Ink Deck press for Zumbiel

TRESU has confirmed it received an order during drupa for an inline TRESU Flexo Innovator Dual Ink Deck press from Zumbiel Packaging.

The project is based on proven technology combining the upgraded TRESU Flexo Innovator with proven Dual ink Deck units enabling operators to switch from one job to another during production with a minimum waste and more effective production time. It will enable Zumbiel Packaging to manufacture and convert  high quality paper board with great throughput and flexibility – but with less waste. Included in the agreement are also TRESU’s modular service concepts and spare part agreements to secure optimal OEE performance during the entire lifecycle of the press.

The TRESU Flexo Innovator Dual ink Deck includes the efficient and proven VelociDryer™ technology for the high-speed throughput required by Zumbiel Packaging enabling effective manufacturing of paper board packaging to brand owners and a fast time to market.

“This press will enable us to offer competitive high quality products for our customers and deliver sustainable packaging with a fast time to market,” said Ed Zumbiel, owner and CEO, Zumbiel Packaging. “Our paper board is from certified sustainably managed forests and the TREU Flexo Innovator Dual ink Deck is the right match for our production and footprint requirements.”

Stephan Plenz, CEO, TRESU, adds, “We are thrilled to build a dual ink deck line based on the proven TRESU Flexo Innovator platform, our VelociDryer™ technology and the new ink circulator TRESU InkFlex to match the requirements from Zumbiel. Our designs and engineers all key parts in-house and has had dual ink decks running commercial operation with 750 m/min already back in 2011 – we have now implemented this feature in our new updated TRESU Flexo Innovator.”

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