Torbay Packaging invest in a Kolbus Autobox AB300

Torbay Packaging have been supplying packaging materials to the south-west of England for more than 30 years; one of their specialities is the production of bespoke cardboard boxes. For over a decade, these have been made using their Kolbus Autobox 2675 boxmaker. Despite its many years of reliability and high-quality production, Torbay Packaging saw the need to increase their output and have additional flexibility in the panel sizes and configurations of a bespoke box. The all new Autobox AB300 boxmaker was chosen as the perfect successor.

Mike Green, Owner, Torbay Packaging, said, “We have had tremendous success with the Autobox 2675. It’s a machine that rarely caused us any problems and even when we did need Autobox, they were always well geared up with engineers and spare parts to reduce any downtime.”

Left to right: Arron Sethi (Kolbus UK) and Mike Green, Owner, Torbay Packaging.

Torbay Packaging will make a wide range of boxes on their Autobox machine; from 400mm x 300mm 0203 slotted boxes, to dividers, creased pads and three-part boxes consisting of huge trays, lids and sleeves. Although they guarantee no minimum order quantities, with the AB300 they can now produce up to 1,000 box runs, quickly and economically. The AB300 needs no tooling or stereos so customers also benefit from zero origination costs.

Green continued, “The new machine is a lot slicker and has a range of developed, well thought about, features that have made the set-up and running plus ancillary operations around the machine so much easier. For example, we have an offline desktop application showing the exact software on the machine. We can calculate board sizes instantly and even prepare a daily job plan on a USB, to upload to the task list on the machine. We can run most jobs at a higher speed and bring in-house  work that would previously have been difficult to produce.”

Arran Sethi, Director of Sales, Kolbus UK, said, “Repeat business is always something to be proud of. In the last few years, we have upgraded about ten Autobox machines to the latest version. Each customer has been extremely satisfied with their investment. Mike Green and his team have been a pleasure to work with and we are grateful to continue our working relationship with Torbay Packaging.”


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