Tiruña appointments

Jose Guibert, Managing Director of Spanish corrugating rolls manufacturer, Tiruña, has confirmed that the company has now put in place a new commercial structure. He explains that that has now been implemented within the business to better serve customers.

“In order to provide the best service possible, we have restructured our Commercial Department,” says Guibert. “By creating two Key Divisions, coupled with our network of experienced local agents throughout the world in more than 40 countries, it will bring our corrugating rolls closer to our customers.”

The two new Area Managers who lead this new structure are Julio Leo and Ana Samper. Leo is responsible for the company’s main markets as well as developing new markets. Samper handles the portfolio that includes key accounts. 

“Alongside our new Customer Care Manager, Iñigo Iso, our new Area Managers will offer the best quality of service,” continues Guibert. “With this new structure, we want to put the focus of the customer in every aspect of our business.”

He adds, “We start 2020 effectively ‘in the middle’ of two milestone years for our company. We look back on 2019 as an historic year, following the acquisition of a majority shareholding in our business by Fosber. We then look forward to 2021, which is a special year for us — we will be celebrating our 100th anniversary.”

He concludes, “After almost 100 years of experience, we are proud of who we are, what we mean to the corrugated industry, how we can help our customers and how we continue to establish long-term partner relationships. It is not easy to be in the market for such long period of time. But our philosophy of innovation, quality and best service to our customers has enabled us to be leaders in the supply of corrugating rolls around the world.”

Julio Leo and Ana Samper

Left to right: Julio Leo and Ana Samper.

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