ThinkBox is new from Mondi

Mondi has opened three brand-new customer engagement centres for its corrugated packaging customers. The company says that ‘ThinkBoxes’ enable the co-creation of better, more sustainable packaging designs through inspirational and insightful events, training courses and individual workshops in physical, digital or hybrid formats.

ThinkBox was created to support customers from a variety of industries in any phase of their quest for improved corrugated packaging. It is a knowledge pool continuously filled by industry and sustainability experts and the ideas and expertise of a large network of award-winning designers. The first three ThinkBox sites are located at Mondi Bupak in České Budějovice (Czech Republic), Mondi Tire Kutsan in Tire (Turkey) and Mondi Ansbach (Germany). The flagship ThinkBox at one of Mondi Corrugated’s eCommerce packaging hubs – Mondi Bupak in the Czech Republic – offers 500 sqm of space for engagement and shared experiences. The ThinkBox at Mondi Ansbach in Germany has special expertise in heavy-duty packaging, while Mondi Tire Kutsan in Turkey specialises in new ideas for the changing retail environment and fresh produce packaging.

The ThinkBox concept invites customers to unleash their full potential in a variety of possible settings:

  • Think Co-creation – individual workshops to solve a specific packaging issue or to explore how to bring visions to life
  • Think Skills – a variety of training courses and skill transfer events
  • Think Inspiration – interactive webinars and insight events
  • Think Verification – performance tests of packaging solutions

Mondi says that ThinkBox is not only a place, but also an immersive creative experience with a clear outcome. The processes are designed to deliver a solid set of options in a short time and offer tangible solutions. The facilities provide the latest testing equipment for instant proof of concept. Possible risks in the product lifecycle can be eliminated during the design process.

“Our customers face a fast-changing environment driven by legislation, rapid growth or have clear targets in mind to secure competitiveness,” says Armand Schoonbrood, COO, Mondi Corrugated Solutions. “They seek clarity and certainty, often while the clock is ticking. We built the ThinkBox to provide space and professional guidance, addressing every aspect of modern packaging challenges. We offer our customers this unique ThinkBox experience to help them fulfil their next packaging objective or gain understanding of the options that support their vision.”




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