THIMM wins prestigious awards with Highcon machine capabilities

THIMM pack’n’display, recently won five awards in the prestigious OBAL ROKU packaging competition for Czech and foreign companies involved in an interesting packaging solution. The company is also on the shortlist for the Jury Award – the best of the best – for its Highcon digital laser cutting and creasing capabilities.

THIMM pack’n’display, in the Czech Republic, was one of Highcon’s first Beam 2C customers for digital cutting and creasing for corrugated packaging and display. Since commencing its operation, early this year, THIMM have been actively promoting the advantages of the digital technology among its customers through multiple channels.

The Highcon Beam 2C digital cutting and creasing solution answers the stringent market requirements for corrugated packaging; non-crush process, customizable to enable rightsizing and light-weighting of packaging; strong enough to allow product to be shipped in its own box; and at the same time providing a positive unboxing experience that supports brand owners. The Beam 2C is available in two versions – a pallet feed standard configuration and a field upgradable nonstop feeding, waste removal and stacking configuration.

“We are proud to have received so many awards for our products.  The introduction of the Highcon machine for the production of packaging, displays and decorative backdrops is particularly suitable today when the ability to go to production with no need for a traditional die-cutting tool allows us flexibility in our scheduling as well as performance benefits due to the precision of the laser cutting and digitally driven physical creasing,” said Martin Hejl, Managing Director, THIMM pack’n’display.

“It has been really gratifying to see the advantages of our technology translate not only into profitable business and satisfied customers for our customers but also into well-deserved awards. THIMM have truly demonstrated the capability of the Highcon Beam 2C to differentiate their products and engage with their customers, delivering what they need, when they need in whatever quantities they need,” says Shlomo Nimrodi, CEO Highcon Systems

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