Thimm installs Highcon Beam 2C

Thimm has recently installed a digital laser cutting system at its plant in the Czech Republic. The new Highcon Beam 2C machine opens up unusually creative opportunities for packaging designers, as lasers cut delicate designs out of corrugated which previously could only be produced with difficulty.

The new Highcon Beam 2C laser cutting machine is now supporting the digital production process from design and data preparation through to the finishing of the corrugated board. The laser cuts and engraves the corrugated with absolute precision. Creases are created using the patented Digital Adhesive Rule Technology (DART) system which can also engrave and cut curved corrugated board.

Michael Weber, Head of Corporate Marketing, explains, “Our objective is always to deliver the best solution to the customer. Alongside digital printing, this digital laser cutting technology for the digital finishing of corrugated cardboard represents a logical expansion of our capacities. We are convinced that laser-cut packaging and displays are relevant to many different sectors and we are currently working closely with our customers in the preparation of new packaging and presentation options in order to generate a competitive advantage for them.”

The new machine has been commissioned in the production plant in Všetaty, Czech Republic. It further enhances the Czech plant of Thimm pack’n’display, which was already operating at a high level of automation and digitalisation with state-of-the-art digital high-end laser technology in Europe.

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