Thimm Group in the ‘Year of Digital Printing’

As winter follows summer, the Christmas box follows the Grillbox. With the implementation of its next seasonal campaign, the recipe box supplier HelloFresh has again placed its trust in Thimm Group and in the benefits of digital printing technology. With this Christmas follow-up order, Thimm Group is concluding its ‘Year of Digital Printing’ on a positive note.

As part of its summer ‘Grillbox’ campaign in April, the recipe box supplier HelloFresh became the first customer of the world’s biggest digital web press at Christiansen Print in Ilsenburg. This campaign was able to demonstrate the benefits of digital printing technology so convincingly that the partnership has been continuously expanded and now as the year draws to a close, the next joint project has been implemented. Specifically because during the Christmas period, culinary delights are at the forefront of the mind, HelloFresh is offering two festive three-course menus. For the main course, customers can select either the Christmas duck breast or the chestnut roast, as a vegetarian option. Both menus are available in three different sizes.

Orders can already be placed for the limited boxes and will be delivered on each Friday of the weekends in Advent. Due to this time restriction the print runs are limited. This is specifically where digital printing technology is economic to use. This printing process also enables the flexibility and high-grade print quality required for these types of seasonal campaigns. This is because despite the time restriction the shipping box must also fulfil an important task during its use period. Nils Hermann, Vice President Operations at HelloFresh Germany, said, “Our packaging is not only a means of transportation but it also functions as a communications channel through which we target our customers directly. The Christmas-inspired design conveys a corresponding mood and when delivered creates the feeling of having been presented with a gift.”

In addition to the promise of delicious content, the packaging has a secondary use with lines for cutting and folding pre-printed on it. If you follow the instructions the box can be transformed into a little Christmas house that can be used decoratively or as a toy.

The Christmas Box is the second big campaign run by HelloFresh using the new printing technology. According to Henrik Jensen and Rainer Wilke, Managing Directors of Christiansen Print, this is emblematic of the generally positive development since the commissioning of the plant. “We assumed a very positive start-up curve from the outset. However, our expectations have been significantly exceeded. Market acceptance for the new printing technology is exceptionally high and not only in the branded products sector. In addition to the food, e-commerce, personal care and baby care sectors we have already delivered orders for plastic parts, domestic and garden appliances and also pet supplies.”

Since the machine was commissioned in April, it is now running continuously in two-shift operation. “We have to add here that, thanks to our new printing technology, this is additional business that we are generating since digital printing is used specifically where other printing processes run up against their limits, as demonstrated by the seasonal campaigns of HelloFresh. Overall the successful implementation of digital printing technology confirms the vision of Thimm Group: We are able to offer its customers a choice of printing processes which is unique in the world and always tailored to their specific needs,” conclude Jensen and Wilke.



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