Thimm further expands Czech site

Thimm has made a comprehensive investment to further develop its Czech production plant in Všetaty. At the heart of this expansion is the installation of a new, state-of-the-art corrugator. The machine was commissioned at the beginning of the year.

The MF-A corrugator with roll logistics supplied by BHS Corrugated, has an operating width of 2.8m and runs at a speed of 400m per min. The installation of the new machine means Thimm has increased its corrugated production capacity at the Czech site by up to 30%. The new corrugator is able to run E, B, C, F and T flute, as well as EE, EB, BC, and FE doublewall.

Michael Weber, Head of Corporate Strategy + Marketing Thimm Group, said, “The new corrugator is equipped to process digitally printed rolls in the optimum way and is therefore suitable for both large and small print runs. This enables us to better meet our customers’ requirements for smaller order quantities and shorter delivery times. The modern machine also has its own quality monitoring system. By investing in the new corrugator we are further expanding the future viability of our already well-positioned Czech site.”

The new corrugator also impresses in its sustainability as energy consumption per square metre produced is up to 15% lower in comparison to the previous machine.

Along with the installation of the new corrugator, Thimm has already modernised and extended its periphery, including a new interim storage facility, a new glue kitchen and a new, larger roll storage facility. Prior to the installation, the production hall was also expanded and new electric forklifts were purchased. The company has invested a total of €10m at the site.

The investment also brings new opportunities and challenges for the employees at the site. Weber concludes, “For the teams in production, the commissioning of such a complex and modern system is an attractive and exciting task. The teamwork, coupled with support from our other packaging plants, ensured the project ran smoothly.”


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