Digital print is ideal solution for start-up customer

High cost-effectiveness for small to medium print runs and outstanding levels of flexibility are just some of the major benefits of the digital web press technology that Thimm introduced to the market in April through its Christiansen Print division. And for young companies such as the start-up and online provider, yamo AG, these factors are crucial. Thimm supplies the Swiss producer of innovative baby food with high-quality, digitally-printed and customised shipping packaging from a single source. The Swiss-based start-up was founded in 2016 by Tobias Gunzenhauser, Luca Michas and José Amado-Blanco. yamo offers a range of pure organic baby food and is the first and only company in Europe to use high-pressure pasteurisation for baby food. This special process retains the freshness and naturalness of the ingredients. The products can be ordered via the company's website.

yamo places a special emphasis on regionality, naturalness and freshness and produces its products using a particularly gentle process. Using creative product names such as "Pirates of the Carrotean" or "Applecalypse Now", the baby foods can be ordered online in different box combinations in a range of sizes. To accompany the market launch in the middle of the year, the young company was looking for appropriate shipping packaging. The packaging had to reflect the reliability, quality and sophistication of the products. The solution selected was Thimm secureLock, a shipping packaging system with a tamper-evident lock. The integrated corrugated safety lock ensures that when goods are delivered to the recipient they are still sealed and intact. Other sealing methods such as plastic adhesive tapes are therefore not required. This means that the packaging consists totally of environmentally-friendly corrugated which further highlights the sustainability of the yamo products.

Another important element of the successful brand presentation is the high-impact print imaging. Thanks to the possibilities offered by Thimm with its digital web press technology, the customer can be supplied with a print image customised to his needs. The flexibility and fast responsiveness of the technology is ideally suited to market entrants such as yamo. Furthermore, campaigns can be changed extremely cost-effectively. Once the first order has been successfully delivered, a different print image is used for each subsequent order. “Our customers, as well as our entire team, are excited,” confirms Tobias Gunzenhauser, Managing Director and founder of yamo AG. “The new digital printing possibilities from Thimm mean we can constantly surprise our customers.”