ThermoZone™ Condensate Handling Station

Kadant Johnson LLC has launched the ThermoZone condensate handling station for managing condensate in corrugator double backers. The innovative design enables corrugators to run hot plates at the low-steam pressure needed for flat, lightweight board. Operators can monitor performance, access trends, and read alarms locally or remotely before system issues become board defects. The station also monitors valve life for planned maintenance while eliminating steam traps and their maintenance commitment.

“Corrugated packaging producers want the ability to operate at near-zero steam pressure to produce the best quality lightweight board for graphics. This set a goal for us to improve their operations with reliable self-actuated equipment driven by adaptive controls,” said Matt Beach, Director of R&D, Kadant Johnson.

Matt Mitchell of the Kadant Johnson engineering team, added, “The result was a self-controlled system that manages condensate in a critical hot plate zone or can be scaled to manage the entire hot plate section all while giving the operator visibility into system performance.”

The ThermoZone station is a part of a family of products and services that optimise corrugator steam and condensate systems on the wet end of corrugated packaging operations.


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