The war in Ukraine claims life of Dunapack employee

We have received news via LinkedIn, that the war in Ukraine has taken the life of a machinery operator from Dunapack.

A statement from the company read as follows: “Today, we mourn the loss of our Ukrainian colleague Pawel Borisov. He was so happy to join our team as Martin 616 operator. Several days ago he was killed, caught in a cross-fire. He was only 21 and had his whole life ahead of him. Our thoughts go to his family.

“Our colleagues Alena Mamai, Packaging Designer and Sasha Garkusha, Martin 924 Chief Operator, both lost their homes to bombs and are escaping with their kids. The rest of our colleagues are scattered all over, from cellars and bomb-shelters to day-long queues on the borders trying to cross over to EU.

“We are forever grateful to our colleagues from Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, who take care of our Ukrainian colleagues when they cross over, providing them with transport, food and lodging.

“Several shells have hit our corrugated packaging plant. It is enraging and incomprehensible to see your former office destroyed.”

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