Corrugated Folding Carton

Passionate About Innovation

Impack Packaging of Canada has produced peripheral equipment for folder gluers since 2001. The company has made a name for itself with its in-depth understanding of the industry’s challenges and a genuine passion for innovation. These two assets make them a high-ranking partner for all converters seeking to improve their gluer productivity.

Over the years, the company has developed and patented several new packing modules. The Virtuo, for example, is one of the only automatic packers on the market that can work with both carton and corrugated board. Originally, this machine allowed for processing outer cases which had to be manually injected. Thanks to 17 years of continuous improvement and innovation, the Virtuo went through seven transformations before becoming fully automated in 2018.

Developed with today’s production in mind, requiring larger, thicker and heavier boards, it’s claimed to be the most compact and economical automatic packer on the market. It can be used in multiple configurations and works with different box sizes (medium to extra large) and types (straight line, 4/6 corners, and crash lock bottom), which are packed in one row and one layer. Impack Packaging is present in 54 countries around the world. Think about that the next time you open a case of Corona or Modelo beer!