Kotkamills Promotes its AEGLEĀ® Grades

Markku Hämäläinen, CEO of Finland-based Kotkamills explains that the packaging industry, brand owners and consumers must be ready to take on the challenge to replace single use plastics.

“By making our products plastic free, with water-based dispersion barriers, we want to ensure easy recyclability for retailers and consumers alike. The demand for recyclable and sustainable products both in traditional and in luxury packaging is increasing.”

The product line includes AEGLE® Barrier Light for food-to-go packaging where a low to medium grease resistance is required and AEGLE® Barrier Plus with excellent grease and water vapour resistance for frozen food and bakery applications. ISLA® Duo cupstock for disposable cups complements the product family. All the products are easy to recycle after use, without the need to separate any plastics from the wood fibres.