The Royal Group Partners With Shelfbucks

Shelfbucks, Inc., a leading in-store shopper marketing optimization platform, has again expanded its in-store digital marketing ecosystem by partnering with The Royal Group, a leading provider of point-of-purchase (POP) displays and related services to top U.S. consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers. Under the agreement, The Royal Group will incorporate the Shelfbucks platform into its customer POP displays enabling CPG manufacturers and retailers to measure, manage and drive higher sales from product merchandising campaigns.

The Shelfbucks SmartDisplay platform will provide The Royal Group CPG customers and retail partners with precise, measurable reports on when and where displays are installed within retail stores they serve throughout the U.S. The SmartDisplays will also provide performance data on merchandising campaigns compared against marketing and sales goals, enabling brands to adjust in-store strategies to maximize product sales. Shoppers browsing a Royal Group customer SmartDisplay can also interact using their smartphones to immediately access product information, promotional offers, ratings and reviews, and other relevant content provided via the Shelfbucks platform.

“The Royal Group has a nearly 100-year history of innovation for CPG companies and retailers, and the integration of the advanced Shelfbucks platform to our POP display business is the newest way we will directly improve in-store merchandising performance for our customers,” said Jude Cohen, vice president and general manager of TRG Retail Division of The Royal Group. “Our new SmartDisplays will deliver the kinds of meaningful data that our customers need to monitor their campaigns in real time and, if required, make timely strategic adjustments to ensure optimum campaign results and product sales.”

Erik McMillan, CEO of Austin-based Shelfbucks, added: “The nature of our platform is such that The Royal Group can quickly bring SmartDisplays to market and completely transform how CPG companies and retailers utilize in-store merchandising to build customer relationships and drive greater product sales. Like so many other marketing vehicles, in-store merchandising from The Royal Group can now provide meaningful, measurable, actionable performance analytics.”   The Royal Group and Shelfbucks are currently in discussion with leading CPG companies and retailers, and are jointly rolling out multiple in-store SmartDisplay merchandising campaigns this year.

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