To review unworkable 0% contamination limit

A letter has been sent by the UK-based Recycling Association to the Indonesian Government, calling on it to review a 0% contamination level on imports of recycled material.

Chief Executive, Simon Ellin, has written to them outlining how the Association believes that a 0% contamination level is unworkable with current sorting technology. He has also outlined the importance of quality materials explaining that the Association’s Quality First campaign and that more recently a quality control system with Chinese inspection agency CCIC has been put in place. “I believe it is important to engage with the Indonesian Government on this issue to ensure we keep open a key market for high quality UK recyclate,” said Ellin.

“We are working with our colleagues ISRI in the United States, in an effort to see if we can persuade the Indonesian Government of the benefits of workable standards. Unfortunately, a 0% contamination level is not workable. As an Association, we have worked hard to promote the quality message through our Quality First campaign, and the quality control system we developed with CCIC. Our members responded and continue to produce high quality material, including for Chinese specification of 0.5% for OCC.”