‘The Natural Choice’ – new booklet explains the sustainable facts

Paper-based packaging is the natural choice where, its key raw material, trees, are a natural and renewable resource. Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group, are excited to announce the release of the new packaging booklet, ‘The Natural Choice’, with a fresh design and updated facts on paper-based packaging.

Recent research of 8,800 consumers conducted by Toluna, on behalf Two Sides, revealed that consumers are concerned with the impacts of their packaging choices, and demanding more sustainable solutions. The research showed that consumers still believe forests are decreasing in size, with 59% of UK consumers believing that European forests are shrinking. In reality, between 2005 and 2020, European forests grew by 58,390 km2– an area larger than Switzerland and equivalent to 1,500 football pitches of forest every day. It also showed that they do not understand the high recycling for paper and cardboard in Europe at 83% – the highest of any packaging material.

Despite these misconceptions, the study did reveal that paper/board was the favoured packaging choice, particularly for environmental reasons compared to other packaging materials. 55% of UK consumers prefer paper-based packaging as better for the environment, 51% for being easier to recycle and 77% for being home compostable.

“The journey to a more sustainable future includes our packaging choices. It is important that materials chosen are natural, renewable, recyclable and fit with the circular economy,” says Jonathan Tame, Managing Director, Two Sides UK. “The packaging booklet explains to brands, retailers and consumers the 8 powerful reasons why paper-based packaging is the sustainable choice. Two Sides members are encouraged to use these facts in their marketing communications to further spread the reach of paper-based packaging’s sustainable story.”

Members of Two Sides have access to a large library of communications tools, including the new packaging booklet, which can be co-branded with their company logo. They also have access to consumer research, industry-leading information, sustainability advice, and events.

Download a digital copy of the new packaging booklet here.

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