The Marbach Performance Package

Marbach recently launched a new service package; the Marbach Performance Package is designed to ensure maximum performance in the production of packaging.

Industry manager, Bernhard Reisser, explains “The market trend is towards maximum efficiency in packaging production. This results in ever increasing time pressure on our customers and often accompanied by decreasing batch sizes. In order to best support our customers in meeting these high demands, we are offering the Marbach Performance Package.”

The Performance Package is a service offer which involves several steps. As a baseline, the set-up process at the packaging manufacturer is filmed from different perspectives, then sequenced and analysed so that the savings potentials are calculated in detail. In addition, experienced Marbach application engineers inspect the machine and its environment. The result of this comprehensive analysis together with the resulting optimisation potential and the necessary measures, are then presented and discussed with the customer.

Reisser continues, “With the help of the performance package specially developed by us, our customers achieve highest production efficiency, a smooth process as well as safety in packaging production. This allows them to be highly productive and so remain competitive in an extremely competitive market.”

For those wishing to know more about the performance package, Marbach will host web sessions on the topic of performance as part of its Performance Week running from 21-25 February.

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