The BoxMaker hits 100,000th web-to-print order

The BoxMaker has recently received order number 100,000 online, through its family of web-to-print offerings: Fantastapack, My Print Valet™, and custom API integrations.

Established in 1981 as a traditional corrugated sheet plant, The BoxMaker entered the digital print arena in 2011 with the purchase of the company’s first digital corrugated press and a single CAD cutting table. After a handful of years spent leveraging these machines for quick prototyping and sample order production, BoxMaker President and Co-Owner Richard Brown saw an opportunity to serve new markets across the country by investing in web-to-print automation and enhanced manufacturing capabilities.

Conceived of in 2014 and launched the following year, Fantastapack was one of the earliest web-to-print e-commerce sites created to facilitate the online purchase of digitally printed corrugated boxes, countertop displays, and pressure-sensitive labels. As early adopters of digital print and finishing and one of the first to market with an e-commerce storefront for custom packaging, The BoxMaker largely trailblazed their own web-to-print workflow automation systems with a team of in-house developers.

From a business strategy perspective, Fantastapack was created as a way for The BoxMaker to extend sales of their digitally printed products to a wider audience. By combining the efficiencies of a web-to-print workflow with those of an e-commerce storefront, The BoxMaker created a profitable business model that eliminates many of the manual steps that a conventional custom packaging order process requires.

The site quickly garnered the attention of others in the custom print e-commerce marketplace who had existing storefronts and wanted to add custom corrugated packaging to their offerings. This quickly led to the development of My Print Valet™ (MPV) and API integration capabilities, extending The BoxMaker’s products to up-and-coming custom packaging resellers as well as established members of the packaging trade.

Now in its tenth year of investing in web-to-print workflow automation and operating fourth generation corrugated presses that can produce digitally printed packaging on an industrial scale, The BoxMaker continues to innovate and strives to offer products and services that address a wide range of markets and clients throughout North America.

As established businesses modernize their operations and the next generation of new businesses open, The BoxMaker is confident that its web-to-print platforms will continue to experience high demand and rise to the occasion of serving brands, resellers, and fellow members of the trade with easily accessible, high-quality, and beautifully printed custom packaging products.

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