‘The Box of Delights’ – a new initiative for the UK Packaging Awards 2023

A group of leading manufacturers and suppliers to the UK packaging industry has announced an intriguing new initiative to help promote innovation and excellence among designers, marketers and manufacturers operating at the luxury end of the sector.

The catalyst for the initiative is Perfect Box Solutions; Hannah Giddins explains, “Along with everyone else in the business, we were aware of the UK Packaging Awards that will be taking place in October and we felt we ought to be a part of it. As a supplier of manual, semi and fully-automated systems for making luxury boxes we regularly work alongside other manufacturers and suppliers to fulfil our customers’ requirements, so we floated the idea of joining together to do something that would focus on innovation and excellence – values that are so important to us, and that we all share.”

As a result, a partnership was formed between Scodix, LasX, PBS and Dayfold Print to sponsor the ‘Best Packaging of a New Product’ category at the awards event.

Further than that, the group realised that, between them, they had the resources and capabilities to provide a practical demonstration of the craft. In consultation with Paul Davis, Commercial Director at event organiser Packaging News, it was agreed that the partners – under the banner ‘Packaging Awards Group Initiative’ would design, embellish, manufacture and supply a personalised luxury box which would take the form of the table place setting for each dinner guest on the night – a task made all the more challenging by the 48-hour window allowed by the availability of the final guest data.

Davis says, “For us, this is an exciting new departure – something we hadn’t anticipated and that, as far as I am aware, is unique to our event; we are really intrigued to see how it develops. We look forward to showcasing this innovative design – every guest will be sure to appreciate the skill, energy and craft that will have gone into putting that personalised box on every table.”

This year’s UK Packaging Awards take place at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London on 12 October.

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