Folding Carton

For wide range of food trays

For Devon, UK-based manufacturer of direct food trays, Tamar Packaging Solutions, the environmental credentials of their food service trays are critical, which is one of the reasons why PankaPlex carton board has recently been selected following successful trials.

Available from the Finnish mill, Pankaboard, PankaPlex is an uncoated two-ply carton board designed especially for the food service industry, as some of its properties include its compostable and biodegradable nature — an ideal replacement for plastic packaging. In addition to its environmental attributes, PankaPlex gives a consistent appearance, coupled with stiffness and bulk for a strong, rigid feel.

Mark Aubrey, Sales Director, Pankaboard UK said, “Whether it is food trays, paper plates, outer cup wraps or U cards for bakery inserts, PankaPlex is a tangible alternative to plastic packaging, offering both compostable and biodegradable attributes.”

Paul Baker, Technical Operations Manager, of Tamar Packaging commented, “Pankaplex is a great alternative to recycled boards, offering us food contact eligibility when barrier coatings are applied, making it a sound packaging grade for the food sector.  As well as the environmental qualities, the smooth top surface offers a good quality print reproduction, ideal for branding opportunities.” 

PankaPlex is produced from mechanical pulp in combination with a smooth and white top layer of chemical pulp. The smoothness and high purity are achieved by the Condebelt treatment.

These special characteristics make PankaPlex ideal for various end-uses within food service sector (for example, plates and outer liner in doublewall cups) and various lamination purposes, where a smooth uncoated surface is required. PankaPlex is biodegradable with certified compostability (190–240 gsm) and OBA free. PankaPlex is available from 190 gsm up to 350 gsm (0.6 mm).

PankaPlex is also available in high bulk version, with maximised thickness. PankaPlex High Bulk is especially designed for rigid boxes and various food service underlays. PankaPlex High Bulk is available from 305 gsm up to 630 gsm (1.53mm) and suitable for digital and flexographic printing.

Samples and further information can be obtained from Pankaboard UK on +44 (0) 115 971 7450.