Tailored Press for Saica Pack Dublin

In early June, a new Koenig & Bauer Rapida 106 went into production at Saica Pack Dublin. The press in question is an individually tailored medium-format installation (for sheet formats up to 740 x 1060mm) with a total of 15 printing and finishing units and an overall length of 32m.

The configuration is as follows – a printing unit, coater and two intermediate drying towers, followed by an adaptable perfecting unit, seven further printing units, another coater, two more intermediate drying towers, a third coater and a three-section extended delivery. The Rapida 106 stands on a 900mm base and is equipped with pile logistics for the feeder and delivery.

The new press has been chosen to print and coat high-quality packaging with up to seven colours and additional finishing, including products with printing and finishing on both sides of the sheet. Saica Pack produces corrugated packaging for major brands from across Great Britain and Ireland – including well known names in the food and fashion industries.

Saica Group operates plants in a total of nine European countries, as well as in the USA. The Group currently has five plants across the Republic and Northern Ireland alone.

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