Swanline launches Cygnus® REELboard for the food packaging sector

Swanline Paper and Board has been appointed by Reelbrands to distribute REELboard under Swanline’s Cygnus® brand. The new range of barrier coated materials gives a viable alternative to PE laminated grades, without the PE. Coated with a SeerPak™ aqueous coating, the new line of material is suitable for direct food contact and has been proven to be resilient to grease and moisture through the clever micro applied, layered coatings.

Nick Kirby, Swanline’s CEO says, “Reelbrands describe themselves as ‘packaging pioneers, creating a world beyond plastic’. They ignite positive change through innovative design, research and development with their trading partners and we are proud that they have chosen to partner with us for this ground-breaking new range.”

Ian Bates, CEO of Reelbrands added, “Both Swanline and Reelbrands have similar visions; Reelbrands chose Swanline as our partner because of their ingenuity, award-winning design skills and state-of-the-art conversion facilities which all extend to a winning formula. We are aware that Swanline distribute their products nationwide so are looking forward to seeing our material being used all over the UK.”

Cygnus REELboard fits well within SPB’s portfolio of products because they all provide a plastic free solution. It sits alongside SPB’s Cygnus Eco Board – a water resistant material designed to service the POS and signage sectors. The new Cygnus REELboard materials are available in both virgin kraft/white and part recycled versions, all with similar barrier properties. As Swanline provides an end-to-end service, from design through to production and distribution, there are no end of possibilities that can be achieved with this substrate.​​​​​​​

Cygnus REELboard has grease resistance KIT >12 and water resistance Cobb <20 at 1800. Many grades are available from SPB either as palletised stock at 720x1020mm or sheet cut to bespoke sizes.

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