Suzano co-launches 2024 ‘Green Life · Blue Future’ program

Suzano has confirmed the launch of ‘Green Life · Blue Future’ at a special event hosted at the China Soong Ching Ling Science and Culture Center for Young People in Beijing.

The program, which aims to increase awareness of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability among younger generations in China, is launched in Suzano’s centennial year and also marks the 50th anniversary of China and Brazil establishing diplomatic relations.

Backed by China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Next Generation Education Foundation, the program is co-sponsored by Suzano and its business partners China Paper Corporation, Baoding Yusen Sanitary Health Supplies and COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers. In addition to representatives from these co-sponsors, government officials from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and Next Generation Education Foundation, as well as a number of primary school students, participated in the event.

The program consists of a series of activities throughout the latter half of the year, including a drawing competition and a micro video competition with sustainability themes, and nature education summer camps. All activities are targeted at primary and secondary school students in China.

During the ceremony, a nature education kit developed by Suzano and its partners was also unveiled. With vivid illustrations and interactive games featuring forests, flora and fauna in China and Brazil, the kit enables children to grasp abstract concepts such as biodiversity, carbon reduction and environmental protection through play.

Last year’s CSR program saw Suzano and its partners launch a drawing competition which engaged over 700 schools and approximately 1.05 million families across more than 60 cities in China. A number of drawings were subsequently displayed at various exhibitions, while a select few were printed on special edition tissue boxes.

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