Sustainability milestone reached by Voith

Voith has achieved an ambitious sustainability goal – as of the beginning of 2022, the comapny has successfully reduced the CO2 emissions at all its sites to ‘net zero’. Therefore, the Group’s operations will be climate neutral from January onwards.

This success confirms Voith’s role in the decarbonization of industrial production. All Voith sites worldwide undertook enormous efforts to achieve this major accomplishment. Increased energy efficiency and the comprehensive use of renewable energy sources were key factors in reaching the Group’s CO2 reduction goals.

Since fiscal 2011/12, Voith has reduced its energy consumption by 28%. In addition, the Group relies on energy from renewable sources. Until the beginning of fiscal 2021/22, the proportion of renewable energies in the Voith-wide electricity mix could be increased from 44% in the previous year to 87%. In addition, the sites are generating more and more energy from solar and hydropower – currently approximately 6 GWh/a. CO2 emissions, which are still unavoidable at the moment, are voluntarily mitigated through carbon offsets.

Voith also supports its customers in reducing their carbon footprint and achieving their sustainability and climate protection goals. “Developing sustainable technologies for future generations is at the core of Voith’s DNA. We have already achieved our goal of climate neutral production today. This clearly demonstrates the Voith team’s strong implementation skills,” said Dr. Toralf Haag, Group CEO, Voith. “Our customers can also rely on this strength. We combine our expertise to support them in meeting their climate protection goals.”

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