Susana Alejandro Balet appointed new President of Saica Group

Susana Alejandro Balet has been appointed as the new President of Saica Group, succeeding Ramón Alejandro after 14 years.

She represents the third generation of the founding families and is the first woman to hold the top position in the company. “I am proud to become the visible head of Saica and its great team, and I am well aware of what it implies”, said Susana Alejandro (pictured left).

On her first day in charge of the company and after expressing a deep and heartfelt gratitude to her predecessor, Susana Alejandro sent a message to all stakeholder groups, she said, “As family business, we have a clear long-term vision and, therefore, succession in Presidency does not necessarily imply a change in strategy. Our course variations –she added- are dictated only by the requirements of our customers and market fluctuations”. Susana Alejandro remarked that “our roadmap is clearly defined in our strategic plan Saica 2025” and she has reminded that “it is designed to respond to the challenges we have to face both as a society and as a company.”

As the first woman to hold this position and a member of the third generation of the founding families, Susana Alejandro Balet is ready to lead Saica Group into a new era of sustainable growth and innovation. Her vision aligns with the company’s strategic plan, Saica 2025, which focuses on seven key objectives, including:

  • Strengthen customer orientation.
  • Progress in the leadership in efficiency.
  • Achieve sustainable and profitable growth.
  • Protect the health of employees.
  • Design sustainable solutions that contribute to environmental protection, such as zero waste or the decarbonisation of our factories.
  • Build a global organisation with motivated and efficient teams.
  • All of this with a shared vision, a single voice, and a strong Saica brand.

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