‘Supply Chain Solution of the Year’ for Sonoco

Sonoco received the ‘Supply Chain Solution of the Year Award’ at the UK Packaging Awards.

The award, recognised the success of the newly sized Bisto Gravy paperboard drum solution, helping Premier Foods to lower its brand’s environmental impact by reducing the height of the drum, which was launched in the UK market last year.

Bisto Gravy paperboard drums, produced by Sonoco, are made from recycled paper fibre, and include a paperboard end. All inks and adhesives are water-based, and all materials used in the packaging are easily separable within the recycling process. This makes the packaging solution highly recyclable. The drums give consumers 20g more gravy granules (approximately six more portions per tub) than the previous ones, for the exact same price per gram as previously, all while being presented in packaging that uses fewer resources to reduce its environmental footprint.

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