Succession Management at Hunkeler Systeme

The Board of Directors of Hunkeler Systeme AG has appointed Erich Hodel as the company’s new CEO. The appointment will take effect on 1 January 2023. Long-time CEO Kurt Käser will remain in the business as Chairman of the Board of Directors and major shareholder and will devote himself to strategic issues.

Left to right: Kurt Käser, President Hunkeler Systeme AG & Erich Hodel CEO Hunkeler Systeme AG

Erich Hodel has been with Hunkeler Systeme for 7 years and, like the other members of the Executive Board, has a stake in the company.

The handover is already underway and is being carried out with care for customers, employees and internal processes. The Board of Directors has noted that the company is in a stable position and that the business handover is proceeding according to plan. The new Managing Director will therefore be able to continue to pursue the company’s goals on the path it has taken and can count on a well-established management team.

Finally, the Board of Directors have taken the opportunity to thank Kurt Käser for his active contribution to the establishment and successful management of the company over the last 25 years and wishes Erich Hodel and his team every success for the future.

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