Successful restart of BM3 in Frohnleiten

After its planned rebuild, MM Board have successfully started production on its BM3 in Frohnleiten.

State-of-the-art technologies have allowed MM to optimise its production processes, increase productivity and offer even better packaging solutions. In addition, they have improved energy efficiency, thereby reducing COemissions and minimising ecological footprint. The company says its goal is to keep the impact of production on the environment as low as possible.

“I am proud to lead a company that focuses on the future and sustainability. In this context, investing in our employees is just as important to us as investing in new technologies. We can only achieve our vision of a more sustainable future if we support and promote the heart of our company, our employees, in the best possible way,” said Gernot Schleiss, Managing Director, MM Frohnleiten GmbH.

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