Successful installation for Boxen Emballage

Denmark-based Boxen Emballage have successfully installed a Baysek EL-150 automatic die-cutter, commissioned in June 2021.

The independently-owned box plant, located just outside the city of Aaolborg had a speedy and smooth installation. Rune Jorgensen, Managing Director, comments, “The machine was running on day one; on day two we were completing jobs and producing a wide range of products for our customers. We have quickly filled the machine with work, it’s operator-friendly and easy to use.”

Robert Jess, UK & Europe Sales, Baysek, adds; “Working with Rune and his team, we were able to identify key areas of growth they would be able to explore with our die cutter. Boxen opted for the larger die bed option of 2.4m, which gives them huge scope to enter new markets previously unexplored.”

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