Successful installation for Baysek in Ireland

Baysek Machines have successfully installed a C170 automatic die-cutter into an independent sheet plant in Ireland. The machine was shipped in April from the US head office in Wisconsin and was delivered to the customer in May. Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and observing all rules and regulations, Baysek visited the customer in May to get the machine into position and get some preliminary utilities in place. Andy Keighey, Director of Baysek Machine & Engineering Ltd returned to the customer in June to complete the installation.

Robert Jess, UK & Europe Sales, said, “It’s been a testing and difficult time for the packaging industry as a whole; we were keen to get our customer operational as soon as possible and producing essential packaging from our machine. Manufacturers of corrugated boxes are working to keep transport packaging flowing to makers of essential products including packaging for food and other consumer products, medical and pharmaceutical products, tissue and hygiene products and more amid the pandemic.”


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