Success for Pentatech in Germany

The Italian machinery manufacturer, Pentatech, has been achieving some notable successes in Germany, with its agent SCS GmbH.

Headed by Alex Steinmüller, SCS is happy to report some significant investment projects for state of the art equipment have been secured in the German market.

“The quality and performance is outstanding and speaks for itself,” says Steinmüller. “Close to Nuernberg, the build up of a completely new factory was started recently. Of special interest is that the exit line comes with the latest version of Pentatech’s Pile Doubler. After the installation of the converting lines, the installation will be completed with palletisers, pre-feeder and basement vertical storage with de-palletisers in front of the converting lines. This new factory is going to be a state of the art facility, which is not only efficient, but also a great showcase for Pentatech and its failsafe portfolio of solutions.”

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