Strength and endurance athlete Franz Müllner becomes UNTHA brand ambassador

Austria-based UNTHA shredding technology GmbH has been making an important contribution to the resource-friendly use of materials and the economic and ecologically responsible recycling of waste for more than 50 years. The company has always set great store by strong partnerships and communication at very area of its business: with customers, experts, and now also with Franz Müllner – The Austrian Rock.

Franz Müllner – The Austrian Rock – as brand ambassador for UNTHA shredding technology GmbH.

The strength and endurance athlete from the Lungau region and Ironman-athlete, who holds an amazing 52 world records is now a brand ambassador for Untha. This partnership is based on shared values: both parties are synonymous with high performance and reliability, strong links to their respective region, and the constant desire to reach new, even more ambitious goals.

“Franz Müllner’s impressive physical strength and numerous records make him the perfect ambassador for the power of Untha products,” says Christoph Walchhofer, CCO. “But this is about much more than sheer physical power. Franz also stands for values such as high performance, purposefulness, team spirit and success – properties that are crucial for Untha.”

The cooperation is primarily intended to increase the prominence of Untha as a regional employer and to highlight the strength and reliability of the brand and its products on social media. Müllner will be demonstrating his physical strength in a range of campaign activities. “I am constantly on the lookout for new challenges that no one has ever faced before. Untha is giving me the opportunity to explore new areas and implement exciting projects. I am already having a lot of fun working with the team and I am looking forward to everything the future holds,” says Müllner.

He made his first official appearance as brand ambassador at the company’s Family Summer Fair in Kuchl.

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