Strategic partnership for high-end luxury packaging

rlc | packaging group, GT Trendhouse 42 and Heinz-Glas have formed a network to create exceptional premium solutions and efficiently meet the exacting demands of customers in the luxury products sector. The three companies launched their ‘Monaco Connection’ as part of LuxePack and presented their jointly produced giveaway called ‘Moments of Gold’.

Packaging solutions for luxury goods are brand ambassadors that communicate with a discriminating clientele. Networking in the packaging value chain is more important than ever to meet the growing needs of this target group. “The market for luxury goods is going to rely increasingly on the combined expertise of different areas of the packaging industry,” says Stephan Bestehorn, rlc | packaging group Managing Partner. “We have created a network with GT Trendhouse 42 and Heinz-Glas to ensure a perfect synthesis of primary and secondary packaging and to create the best conditions for innovative premium packaging solutions with high-quality finishes.”

The network brings together holistic brand awareness, comprehensive design and surface finishing expertise from a wide range of different printing projects and state-of-the-art production resources. The ‘Moments of Gold’ packaging exemplifies this collaboration. Heinz-Glas designed a crystal-clear glass bottle for the primary packaging. rlc and GT Trendhouse 42 then produced the packaging to go with it.

The secondary packaging is based on the holistic ‘Carving’ principle, developed by rlc especially for the luxury goods industry. Two interlaced layers of material are punched out to produce a 3D effect. Matt/gloss effects and gold-coloured Iriodin pigments create a premium look and feel and there is ample space for additional communications with lettering printed on the inside. Detailed finishings on the glass bottle underscore the elegance and sophistication. The ‘Monaco Connection’ brand logo is presented in a ceramic aesthetic and gold glitter pigments tie in with the secondary packaging.

The three companies presented the packaging as a giveaway at their first jointly organized ‘Monaco Connection’ event at LuxePack in September. Each ‘Moments of Gold’ packaging had another very special feature. Gelsenkirchen-based artist Christian Nienhaus decorated them on the inside, making each trade show gift truly unique.

The rlc | packaging group is a highly specialized supplier of innovative folding carton solutions for the branded goods and pharmaceutical industry with a sales market that takes in all of Europe. Found in the 1970s, GT Trendhouse delivers high quality print projects and offers state-of-the-art laminating, varnishing and embossing services. Currently, about 60 employees work at facilities in Gelsenkirchen and Alsdorf. HEINZ-GLAS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and finishers of glass and caps for the perfume and cosmetics industry.

Monaco Connection

Trade fair giveaway at LuxePack. The “Moments of Gold” giveaway jointly produced by rlc | packaging group, GT Trendhouse 42 and Heinz Glas exemplifies how networks in the packaging value chain can create more effective premium solutions in the luxury segment.

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