Stora Enso publishes 2021 Annual Report

For 2021, Stora Enso is publishing one combined Annual Report covering its strategy, financials, sustainability reporting, corporate governance and remuneration.

The Annual Report describes progress in the strategic initiatives in 2021 and how the company creates value as a renewable materials company. Stora Enso actively manages and reports on sustainability opportunities and risks for both the company and society. Climate change, biodiversity and the circular economy are highlighted in the strategy section as key to delivering our long-term business strategy. Stora Enso’s environmental and social impacts are covered in the sections on our strategy and sustainability reporting.

The Reporting section of the Annual Report includes the report of the Board of Directors and the financial statements and notes, Stora Enso in capital markets, tax footprint, governance and remuneration. The official audited financial statements in Finnish, and a Swedish translation, can be downloaded at

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