Steuer USA opens demo facility in Easton, PA

Easton, PA-based Steuer USA, exclusive distributors in North America for SPM Steuer of Stuttgart, Germany, has confirmed the opening of a new demo facility.

The centerpiece of the facility is a Steuer Foiljet 106, which can hot stamp full sized press sheets at speeds up to 12,000 full press sheets per hour.  The Steuer Foiljet uses a rotary process that applies extreme pressure on the nip-point. This high-speed instantaneous pressure allows both fine line type and huge solids up to virtually full press sheet size.

Brian Tunink, President, Steuer USA said, “This is a huge milestone for Steuer USA.  Initial response to Foiljet in action live and the quality of the stamped press sheets produced is overwhelming.  Our demo facility in Easton is an easy drive from all points in the Northeast Corridor, and is convenient to several major airports.”

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