Stepping inside Kemsley Paper Mill

DS Smith has released a 360 degree, virtual tour of its paper mill at Kemsley in Kent, UK.

Follow the papermaking process from the quality hub to dispatch, learn how all the machines work, and meet the people that make it all possible. On the tour, you will see:

  • Recycling quality hub – learn about rigorous quality checks and standards when paper arrives at the mill;
  • Stockyard – find out how they pick the perfect blend of fibres to make high quality papers;
  • Pulper – this is where they process fibres ready for the paper machines;
  • Paper machine – discover how pulp is turned into paper;
  • Paper quality testing lab – see how DS Smith put its products through its paces, so they can ensure the paper is of the highest quality;
  • Warehouse – meet the Automated Guided Vehicles and watch how they work;
  • Dispatch – Now the paper is ready to head off to packaging plants all over Europe, ready to be turned back into new products.


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