Steel counter plate with marbazero

Marbach has a new product for steel counter plates. As of now, under the name marbazero, a new additional piece of equipment for steel counter plates will be available. This will provide even better performance during die-cutting.

marbazero is a system consisting of a marbazero distance plate and a matching steel counter plate. These are equipped with special holes so that the steel counter plate can be positioned quickly and precisely. And it takes no time at all; the steel counter plate is placed on the distance plate, screwed into place, so that the steel counter plate fits the cutting-die.

In addition to reducing make-ready time and ensuring high packaging quality, marbazero increases flexibility in packaging production. This is because marbazero has a smaller all-round contour than the distance plate. This means that the steel counter plate with marbazero can be used universally on different machines. The only precondition is that the machine is equipped with a marbazero distance plate.

marbazero is available immediately for folding carton die-cutting machines up to format 162.

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