Stationers’ Company commits to Diversity and Inclusion

At a ceremony at Stationers’ Hall attended by members of the Court and former Lord Mayor Alderman Vincent Keaveny and Alderman Greg Jones, the Master of the Stationers’ Company, Moira Sleight, signed the Company’s Diversity Pledge.

The Company aims to reflect the diversity of the industries from which its membership is drawn. In order to ensure greater success it set up a Diversity Working Group in 2021 which undertook a survey of the membership and established a profile of the membership in terms of ethnicity; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation; age; and religion. This forms the base against which the results of the Company’s endeavours to improve the diversity of its membership will be measured.

The Stationers’ Diversity Pledge commits it to the following actions:

  • To attract new members of all backgrounds from within its industries, reaching out actively to individuals and groups who are under-represented
  • To ensure that members of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the Company
  • To consider the balance of speakers and contributors at all Company events
  • To make wide use of technology to enable access to Company events for those not able to attend in person
  • To consider the language and imagery used in describing the Company’s life and events, aiming to ensure that members of all backgrounds feel included and represented
  • To monitor annually the Company’s progress on diversity and inclusion

The full text of the Stationers’ Diversity Pledge can be found here.

Back Row from L-R: The Beadle Carl Gilbert, Court Assistant Doug Wills, Court Assistant Linda Drew, Court Assistant Carol Tullo , Past Master Helen Esmonde, Court Assistant Geraldine Allinson, Court Assistant Bettine Pellant, Court Assistant Oliver Gadsby and the Clerk Giles Fagan and
Front Row from L-R: Alderman Vincent Keaveny, Upper Warden Tony Mash, the Master Moira Sleight, Under Warden Paul Wilson, and Alderman Greg Jones.

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