Start of 2022/23 training year at Heidelberg

The new training year at Heidelberg begun on September 1, 2022. Once again this year, 128 young women and men have started their training or dual study program at one of the company’s four sites – in Wiesloch-Walldorf, Brandenburg, Amstetten, and Ludwigsburg.

At the Wiesloch-Walldorf site alone, some 100 young people are looking forward with great anticipation to what lies ahead. There are currently twelve professions on offer, together with a whole host of technical, business, and interdisciplinary courses. With its high apprenticeship training rate, the company is preventing a shortage of skilled workers, while also helping to lessen the challenges associated with demographic change.

“With our training, which has won numerous awards from external institutes, we are looking to overcome the future challenges associated with digital transformation and demographic change, while also preventing a shortage of skilled workers,” explains Marcus A. Wassenberg, CFO and Chief Human Resources Officer, Heidelberg. “Our junior staff can expect interesting tasks, responsibility, and motivated teams from the very start. They will be able to apply and develop their skills both in our core business and also in new areas of business such as electromobility. What’s more, the chances of a permanent position with the company are excellent.”

Heidelberg has been offering jobs to almost all graduates of its training programs for some years now. Across the company’s four sites in Germany, Heidelberg has around 350 trainees and dual-program students, some 75% of these at its largest site in Wiesloch-Walldorf.

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