StarPak tests new process to convert flexo plates into renewable material

MacDermid Graphics Solutions has developed a new process called PlateCycle to recycle flexographic printing plates.

As previously announced in September, this patent-pending technology has started trials in North America. Five Star Holding confirmed that StarPak is participating in the effort as a Beta site.

“At StarPak, we believe that environmental responsibility, convenience for retailers and performance for our customers should go hand in hand. We are committed to innovation that delivers quality and sustainability,” said Luis Rivas, Sales Director, Client Engagement. “MacDermid Graphics Solutions is a long-term partner, and we are excited to continue our efforts to reduce industrial waste.”

“We are excited to work with StarPak on this initiative to recycle and reuse 100% of flexo plate material collected. StarPak has been a trusted partner for many years. Their continued commitment to sustainability made them a perfect candidate to be one of the first partners for this initiative,” said Jason Cagle, Director of Sales North America, MacDermid Graphics Solutions. “Launching this technology is an important step towards reducing our carbon footprint while adding value to customers and our industry.”

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