‘Stage One’ investment for BoxWay

BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd has released the first details of its major strategic investment plan to accelerate its growth and to widen its offering from its three corrugated sheet plants in Exeter, Peterlee and Telford.

Step one starts in October 2021 and is expected to be fully operational by end Q2 2022. The focus is on expanding capacity, widening capability, supporting innovation through design, and gaining entry into the digital printing market.

Stage One Investment details include:

  • Peterlee plant; A new Weipong Venus 1630 four colour rotary die-cutter, supplied via GTS (Europe), which will also to facilitate printing onto coated board and allow for future inside/outside printing capability; a new MN400 MultiNova speciality gluer, supplied by Kolbus UK.
  • Telford plant; Investment into new sales resource to drive new business opportunities and support existing customers better; investment in internal IT systems and infrastructure; location of the newly created finance department; upgrades to existing buildings and interior.
  • Exeter plant; Location of a new UK Design Hub for BoxWay Packaging Group to support the design capability across all three plants in the UK; a new Hanway HighJet 2500B water-based high quality digital printer, supplied via GTS (Europe); significant upgrading of Speciality gluing capability.
  • The company will also be investing in an exciting and new initiative to expand its offering in the point of sale & display, promotional and presentational packaging market, full details of which will be released in Q4 2021.

Andrew Woollard, CEO, BoxWay Packaging Group, commented, “We are proud to announce our bold investment plan for our three plants which expands our offering and increases our capacity for high-quality design-led products and services for businesses that wish to grow and those also wanting to evolve into new markets.”

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