Sri Andal at forefront of developing India’s sustainable paper making market

The Indian Government’s ban on one-time plastics and societal shift towards sustainability have boosted the demand for the cup stock, paper bags, paper straws and paper-based packaging, driven by replacement of plastic applications in various segments.

Sri Andal Paper Mills is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of packaging board in India. The company’s latest containerboard line in Tamil Nadu is built with Valmet‘s solutions, designed to reduce energy and water consumption, minimise raw material costs, and deliver excellent end-product quality.

“The manufacturing process, being highly automated, will enable us to manufacture the required quality products on a sustained basis. We have selected pieces of equipment that are highly power-efficient,” says P. Subramaniam, Managing Director, Sri Andal Paper Mills. “For our stock preparation process, we selected Valmet’s Conical Refiner Pro refiners, bale pulper and Valmet Hydrocyclone HC cleaners for optimal results. This solution can set up a new standard for stable and energy efficient systems in the Indian market.”

Refining plays a decisive role in developing the fibre properties of stock and final paper properties like strength. It also greatly affects the paper machine’s runnability. Optimal refining can also significantly impact mill energy savings. Valmet Conical Refiner Pro is a revolutionary refining concept for low-consistency refining applications that can replace two traditional refiners.

Due to allowing for a reduced number of refiners in the system, the Valmet Conical Refiner Pro increases energy efficiency and savings in operation costs all while supporting sustainable development. This ultimately leads to a reduction in maintenance costs, a lower entire life cycle cost, and less environmental stress.

“Quality and technology are inseparable partners. Sri Andal is aiming at producing high-quality containerboard with tangible efficiency improvements and Valmet offers suitable solution for achieving these targets. With this technologically advanced project, they are setting their footprint in the Indian containerboard segment,” says Varun Jain, Director, India Region, Asia Pacific, Valmet.

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