Split height-adjustable anvil


Marbach has been for many years a specialist for equipping packages with elegant opening mechanisms. This requires the highest precision. In order to adjust tools quickly and precisely with reverse cutting, Marbach offers a special technology: the height-adjustable anvil. Now optimised, it ensures even more accuracy when setting up tools with reverse cutting.

During the reverse cutting process the board is not die-cut through, but scored from both sides in shifted positions. This creates a special tearing mechanism that is becoming increasingly popular for both folding cartons and corrugated packaging.

Marbach developer Rainer Reizammer, says, “We have optimised our height-adjustable anvil. The new version offers many advantages for the user. Because the anvil is integrated in the die board, die-cutting pressure is directly transmitted. Compression of the die board therefore becomes impossible. Between the two aluminum blocks there are underlay foils. With these foils, the height of each individual reverse cutting can be adjusted quickly and easily in height and optimally set-up. For customers, this means easy handling, highest precision and a stable scoring result over the entire production run.”

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