Spanish retailer saves nearly 90 tonnes of plastic with Mondi’s new paper ranges

Mondi has helped Spanish retail chain, Alvaro Moreno, save almost 90 tonnes of plastic per year by switching from plastic to paper shopping, online delivery and gift bags.

Alvaro Moreno previously used more than 3.7 million plastic bags and containers per year. By switching to paper packaging for its bags and reducing its plastic consumption, the company demonstrates its commitment to sustainability. All three bags are recyclable and made from Mondi’s Advantage and EcoVantage product ranges using renewable and responsibly sourced materials. EcoVantage is Mondi’s newest paper range created with fresh pulp and recycled fibres.

“As a business, we are committed to reducing our environmental footprint; creating a line of eco-life garments, engaging in plastic clean-up projects in the local area and looking at carrier bags made from natural, renewable and recyclable materials. Mondi’s papers helped us to continue this approach while increasing the quality standards required in our packaging,” said Alvaro Moreno, founder of the company.

“Our EcoSolutions approach means we work closely with our customers to develop packaging that is sustainable by design, protecting products, meeting customer needs, and minimising impact on the environment. Our EcoVantage paper supports Alvaro Moreno’s sustainability aims, thanks to its recycled content and recyclability, and the bags are strong and appealing for customers who are looking for the best shopping experience, both online and in-store,” said Paulus Goess, Sales Director Speciality Kraft Paper, Mondi.


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