U.S. independent installs Fujifilm's Pinnacle Onset X3 UV flatbed press

The Onset X3, a full-bed wide format UV inkjet flatbed printer is providing more opportunities at Southern Carton, a family owned and operated third generation company in Lewisburg, Tennessee. With a maximum throughput of nearly 10,000 square feet per hour, the new press is ideal for fast-turnarounds. A choice of unidirectional, bi-directional and super high-quality print modes can be selected depending on the specific job requirements. Southern Carton's Onset X3 features two channels of white ink, as well as a semi-automatic robotic handling system.

"We're looking for more and more opportunities because the Onset X3 is so versatile," says Dave Kennedy, CEO, Southern Carton. "It's a great selling feature in that we can print white (ink) and our competitors cannot." 

"We are printing on glass, and a lot of acrylic," adds Eugene Peek, Digital Coordinator, Southern Carton. "With the speed and flexibility of the Onset X3, we are able to accept many new jobs and turn them around same day, or within 24 hours." Peek recently completed a job for a client that included printing large quantities onto a fiberboard type substrate, with profiles such as crosses, shadow boxes, and plaques. The job originally was riding an eight-week production timeline, and a vendor in China was involved, however, the job was continually put on backorder. Southern Carton was able to turn the job around in a week. "The client is paying the same price for our output compared to its vendor in China, so it's a win/win/win," said Peek.

The Onset X3 is helping Southern Carton expand into new markets. "With regard to our close proximity to Nashville, we're trying to get involved within the country music industry," Kennedy says. "We're also looking at wineries and craft breweries and distilleries. We are targeting potential clients who traditionally don't want to order 1,000 of this and 2,000 of that; they want 50 of this and 100 of that. The Onset X3 is a game changer for us."

Dave Kennedy, CEO, Southern Carton, alongside the Onset X3 UV flatbed press, at their facility in Lewisburg, Tenn.