Sonoco confirms Ligépack Membership

Sonoco is now a member of French association, Ligépack.

Established in 2011, the association collaborates with packaging companies to enhance their expertise, improve the quality and safety of their solutions, and reduce their environmental impact. It currently has more than 80 members and 30 partners, and it carries out services including: auditing, consulting, support with packaging design, testing and analysing solutions, and research and reports. It also offers training and advice about packaging requirements and regulations, and it helps its members to navigate the challenges of being involved with the food packaging supply chain.

Philippe Creux, Sales Director – France, Sonoco Consumer Europe, comments, “Our team is delighted to be a member of Ligépack. We have already helped several food brands to convert their packaging to our recyclable, paper-based solutions, helping them to improve their recyclability and brand image, and appeal to more environmentally mindful consumers. We look forward to collaborating with other Ligépack members to share our insight and keep up-to-date with packaging regulations across France and in the many European countries we operate in.”

Sylvie Moison, Director General, Ligépack, added, “We are thrilled to welcome Sonoco as our newest Ligépack member. Having Sonoco onboard will help us to continue our mission of improving the quality and security of food packaging while reducing its environmental impact. We look forward to finding out more about Sonoco’s packaging converting projects as it continues to help its customers opt for recyclable, paper-based solutions.”

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